The Beach Bag: Unbagged

Chic or Playful? What’s your summer style?

We’re creating poolside looks from the Market shelves today.

If you’re like me, you have many bags. You rotate between the work bag, the diaper bag, the pool bag, the lunch bag, grocery bags, the homegoods bag, and many others. There is no way to organize it all in one efficient bag, so you really need a separate bag for each adventure. We’re breaking down 2 different beach bags today- Chic and Playful, both of which I can identify with depending on where I’m going.

So Chic. So this bag is classic with a black and metallic color scheme and the makings for a beach goddess. The bag is waterproof and so is the pouch. Is there any more non-negotiable quality for a beach bag? These Jane Marie totes are flat bottomed, have removeable straps, holes for airflow (think: wet bathing suit), and completely convenient to rinse or sanitize. No more sand in the car? Say no more… The metallic snakeskin and gold ties of this flowy beach cover up only lend itself to one type of jewelry… Sparkly. If it didn’t reflect light, it didn’t make it into this ensemble. Beaded bracelets are pool-friendly, inexpensive, interchangeable, stackable and add just the right amount of accessorizing to your swimsuit. We’ll be cutting no beauty corners with either beach bag style, which is why we’ve thrown in bareMinerals Complexion Rescue with SPF, bareMinerals Mineralist Lip Balm, Shore Soap Wave Spray and our favorite CAUS straw tumbler (cuz you’re more beautiful when you’re hydrated). 

So Fun. This bright, beautiful tote provides me with another essential feature– lots of pockets. Pockets are the only way to keep the bag from becoming a black hole where products seem to vanish into. Just in case the interior and exterior pockets are not enough, we love to carry around this waterproof Jane Marie pouch. Because this bag isn’t waterproof, this pouch is great for the stuff you don’t want to get wet, like cash and ear buds. Also, it does the inverse thing where you can store stuff that you don’t want to explode inside the bag, like liquid makeup, anything with the potential to melt, or bath house stuff like soap and shampoo. It has a convenient clip so you can attach to your bag, pool chair, or hook in the shower. Another bag we love to keep on hand? BluBags. Nylon bags that fold up into a tiny pouch with a clip. Did you know that most plastic bags are banned in Delaware now? These inexpensive reusable bags (that match your tote!) are the perfect size for carrying a little poolside lunch, store a wet swimsuit, or to take your trash off the beach when you leave. A cute tee is all you really need to throw on when it’s just too hot to look hot, and we love this one because it’s soft and the color almost matches our CAUS bottle. Tila stack bracelets are, again, the single most pool and beach friendly jewelry that you can easily match to every swimsuit you have. We won’t be going anywhere without bareMinerals Complexion Rescue SPF (this one is tinted), bareMinerals Moxie lip gloss and a Caren travel hand sanitizer in case we can’t get to a sink before snacking.

Get outside already! Whatever your beach style is, 2021 is your year to get out there, get fresh air, and enjoy life. If you breezed over our PSA above, please wear sunscreen and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

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